Successful businesses are constantly seeking new solutions and technologies to reduce costs, minimizing down time and maximizing productivity. Could automatic lubrication or auto lube be a solution?

Studies have shown that inappropriate lubrication represents 53% of all bearing failures, a major cause for downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs which consists of replacing parts. The labor to repair and replace the bearings, the unforeseen downtime and the impact of respecting delivery to clients. The primary cause of these breakdowns are caused by contamination, dust, dirt and humidity or insufficient greasing applied to the bearings.

Inefficient manual lubrication can lead to over lubricating that can lead to indirect costs, which is very true. Wasting lubricant, environmental problems, security problems or maintenance and higher labor costs.

The automatic lubrication system helps to eliminate unforeseen and unnecessary expenses. An automatic lubrication system lubricates many points on a machine from a pump/centralized unit placed in an accessible place. Specifically for mobile and fixed construction equipment, a system distributes small quantities of grease at frequent intervals, while your equipment is running, by maintaining a consistent amount of grease being distributed to the bearings at all times and seals which prevents dirt and contaminants to infiltrate in the bearings. This is a contrast with the conditions of lack of grease often associated with manual lubrication done by the operator if and when he has time or feels like it.

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